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Fiberglass windows are our top performing, super-insulating, windows that exceed typical energy efficiency ratings, providing savings, comfort, and extreme durability even in the harshest of climates.

Foam filled frames and Suspended Film Technology options result in the high efficiency ratings.

Fiberglass windows offer a variety of styles, colors and performance levels custom made to match your home's style.

Wood vaneer interiors allow you to achieve a high end wood look without sacrificing performance.

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Vinyl windows offer low-maintenance frames, are more economical than other materials, are resistant to heat loss and gain, and won’t rust, rot, corrode, blister, or peel.

Vinyl is available in many colour options; including a dark brown with a Lifetime Warranty.

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Metal Clad windows offer a low-maintenance exterior in many colour options, a warm wood interior that can be painted or stained to match other windows, cabinets, hardwood, or other wood accents, and larger size configurations are available due to a higher level of structural rigidity.  Metal Clad Wood windows are available in virtually any colour imaginable!

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(Metal Clad Exterior, Vinyl Interior)
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Hybrid windows offer low-maintenance frames, many colour options for the exterior, and are compatible with other vinyl or metal clad products.    Metal Clad Vinyl windows are available in virtually any exterior colour imaginable!

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All Wood
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All wood windows offer strong rigid frames and a natural wood look on the inside and out that can be stained or painted to match your home’s style, offer a classic look, and can often be custom milled to match the requirements of an older architectural home.



Casements and Awnings offer the highest level of seal against air and water infiltration, often rating as high as a picture or fixed window in terms of water tightness.

Casements provide maximum airflow by redirecting the air into your home and often open to 90 degrees for easy cleaning from inside your home.

Configuration Diagram - Awning

Casements and Awnings offer the highest level of seal against air and water infiltration, often rating as high as a picture or fixed window in terms of water tightness.

Awnings provide protection from rain when the window is left open for airflow.

Horizontal Sliders
Configuration Diagram-Horizontal Slider

Slider windows offer the most economical option for new windows.  They provide good air flow and good means of Egress for bedroom windows.

Single Hungs
Single Hung.png

Single Hung windows (aka “Vertical Sliders”) are the same as Horizontal Sliders, but slide up and down.  These are great for configurations that are taller than wide.

Picture (aka “Direct Set”) Windows
Picture or Direct Set

These windows have the glass installed directly into the frame, providing the maximum possible glass area.

Fixed Windows
Fixed Window.png

These windows are designed to look like casement and awning windows, but without the opening operation or hardware. This allows you to keep the exterior aesthetically consistent across all windows

Bay Windows
Bennett 2.jpg

Bay Windows are made up of 3 windows in any of the above styles, angled to project out past the exterior wall to give a more open feeling to the room.  They are most often installed in Kitchens and Living Rooms.

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Bow Windows
Ashing 1

Bow Windows are like Bay Windows, except they are usually made of up 5 windows (sometimes 4 or 6) to create a less pronounced angle, but still provide a more open feeling to the room.  These are most often installed in Living Rooms.

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Curved Top Windows
Decae 1

These decorative windows are designed to add a custom look to a home or match other decorative accents on the home.

Raked (angled) Windows
Chios 5.JPG

These windows are usually angled at the top, and most often are designed to follow a roof line or to provide a specific look for a home.

Other Shapes
Markovich 2

Various other shapes are available, including Octagons, Hexagons, Circles, and Ovals

Glass Options

Double Glazed
Glass Diagram - Double Pane.png

Two panes of glass separated by a spacer bar to create a “sealed unit” to better insulate than single pane glass

Triple Glazed
Glass Diagram - Triple Glazed

Three panes of glass separated by two spacer bars provides even more efficiency

Suspended Film Technology

A Mylar film is suspended in between out panes of glass, which acts like another pane of glass in terms of greater efficiency, but does not weigh as much as glass.  Therefore we can get up to 3 films and 2 panes of glass, for a maximum R-Value of 20 for the center of the glass.

Low-Emmissivity (aka Low-E) Glass

Emissivity means the ability to conduct heat.  The lower that is, the more efficient the window is.  There are various types of Low-E coatings to provide different levels of energy efficiency, heat blocking, and visible light transmission.

Argon Gas Fill

Argon is an inert, colourless, odourless, harmless gas that is injected into sealed units to provide greater energy efficiency than a standard air fill, because it is more dense than air.  This is the most common gas fill option for energy efficient windows.

Krypton Gas Fill

Krypton is another inert, colourless, odourless, and harmless gas, but it is denser than Argon even, however more expensive.

Xenon Gas Fill

Xenon is most dense of the inert gases used in windows, but also the most expensive.  This gas is required to get the R-20 Center of Glass Effiiciencies.

In-Glass Grills

Available in several colour and pattern options, in-glass grills add a aesthetically enhanced look to your windows, but without any additional cleaning concerns.

Simulated Divided Lites (aka SDLs or on-glass grills)

These 1” wide bars are applied to the exterior and interior panes of the glass (not between the glass).  These are great for providing a more traditional look.

Simulated Mullion Lites (aka SMLs or on-glass grills)

These are the same as SDLs, but in a 2” wide pattern.  These are great for simulating a single hung look on a better performing casement window, or for achieving a contemporary look.

Obscure Glass Options

Various obscure glass patterns are available for privacy or aesthetic value

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