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122 1/2 Year TRUE LIFETIME Warranty Guaranteed!

The oldest living human ever, according to Guinness World Records, was Jeanne Louise Calment, who lived to 122 years and 164 days old!

Many "lifetime" warranties actually have a time limit on them of 10 or 20 years, but not MAXgreen's! As long as you live in your home you are covered!

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

We don't expect you to pay the final balance until you are happy with the work completed. *Progress payments will be required for larger jobs, but reasonable holdbacks also discussed.

We have hundreds of ready and willing references at your disposal. Check out our Testimonials Page to read just some of them.

It is no accident that we consistently win many independent industry awards for customer satisfaction. That only happens with a dedicated team of caring, fellow homeowners, who truly want to protect your family's home.

No Hidden Charges or Surprises

MAXgreen believes that the price quoted is the price you should pay, and that surprises should be saved for Birthdays and Holidays!

Nobody likes to be surprised by extra charges for things that should be included. Nor should garbage ever be left at your home. We always do a thorough clean up of all projects.

Easy to Read Contracts

We don't believe in fine print! We don't believe in "legalese" or "industry jargon".

Al of our contracts are written in 12 point font, in easy to read English. The purpose is to ensure that there are clear expectations of what you can expect from our team on your project and to prevent surprises and miscommunications. Your satisfaction is our ultimate priority and we feel that by getting the expectations clearly defined up front, the renovation experience is a much more enjoyable one.

Big Enough to Ensure Efficiency. Small Enough to Provide Family Focused Service

The MAXgreen family are all homeowners with our own families too. We all pledged to each other and our customers that we will never use inferior products or rush a job on your home to move onto another one, as we would never do that to our family.

We have many refined systems and processes to ensure quality and efficiency, which have come from experience, but we are "too big" to answer your phone call with a person (no automated "listen to the following options" here), and ensure prompt follow up to any inquiries.

You are NOT a number. You are our neighbour. We track all projects by your name and your address, NOT simply a "file number" to be processed like many large corporations.

FREE Rotten Sill Plates Replacement Guaranteed!

We will replace rotten sill plates at no additional charge to you as required during your installation. This can save you $100+ per window vs. what other companies may charge you.

*Applies to all sill plates below windows, but no framing, drywall, siding, etc. beyond that

2-YEAR Spontaneous Glass Breakage Replacement Guaranteed!

If your glass breaks within 2 years with no visible cause, we will replace it at no cost to you.

FREE Underlayment Replacement Guaranteed!

MAXgreen always replaces old tar paper and roofing felt with new premium synthetic underlayments with all full roofing and siding replacement projects to protect your home.

FREE Gutter Cleaning Guaranteed!

MAXgreen always full cleans your gutters with all roofing replacement projects - not just the roofing debris!

FREE Rotten Roof Deck or Wall Sheathing Replacement Guaranteed!

MAXgreen will replace up to 5 sheets of plywood if rot exists at no cost to you. A small charge of $65 per sheet applies to additional sheets. Some companies use this as an opportunity to overcharge homeowners.

We ALWAYS Replace ALL Flashings, Drip Edges and Vents on Re-Roofing Projects

Old flashings and other openings are the most common sources of roof failure. Just replacing the shingles alone does not ensure your home is protected from it's greatest threat - water damage.

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