Frequently Unasked Questions: (But Questions You SHOULD Ask)
Q. Do you call your proposals a "quote" or an "estimate?

A: In construction, an "estimate" is either a lazy way of "guessing" at a price, or a sometimes underhanded way of leaving the door open to charge more later. MAXgreen believes in providing Accurate Written Quotes before signing any Contract because we believe "The Price Quoted is the Price You Should Pay!"


Q: What level of Triple Glazing are you quoting me?

A: Some companies will simply quote triple glazed glass without specifying the R-Value of the glass they are quoting, leading many unsuspecting homeowners to believe that all triple glazed windows are created equally. There are various combinations of Low-E coatings and Argon gas fills that result in many different R-Values. For example one company may be quoting you R-5 Triple Glazed glass while another is quoting R-8 Triple Glazed glass. There are pros and cons to all options and your Project Consultant can discuss that with you further.

Q: What is the skilled labour component of your product warranty?

A: Most manufacturers will cover 2 years of skilled labour required to replace or repair defective products. The part warranties are much longer. MAXgreen covers the skilled labour costs for glass replacement for warranty claims during the entire product warranty period!

Q: Why does glass spontaneously crack?

A: Glass is a fragile material by nature, made from silica sand. We all know a force applied to it can break it, but sometimes we cannot see those forces as an obvious cause. Glass can spontaneously crack if the edge of the unit was damaged during manufacturing, if the frame of the unit is twisted and not installed plumb, level, and square in the opening, if the atmospheric pressure changes quickly, or if heat is applied to part of the unit while another part of that unit remains cold - for example the sun may hit the bottom of the glass but not the top because of your roof overhang or a tree blocking part of the glass.

Q: What is your warranty regarding spontaneous glass cracks?

A: We understand, it is a terrible feeling to invest in a new product only to have something go wrong through no fault of your own and to be told "sorry that isn't covered under your warranty". Glass is no different. Sometimes spontaneous cracks can occur and this should be covered by the manufacturer or installer for AT LEAST 2 YEARS after installation while your new windows and doors are settling into your home.


Q: Can you show me exactly how you install the windows and doors to ensure they will never leak?

A: Most companies focus on the "bells and whistles" of the windows and doors themselves and often overlook the installation details. Even the best windows in the World (yes, we do supply those!) will not perform the way they should or protect one of your biggest investments (your home) from expensive and inconvenient water leaks if they are not installed correctly. Unfortunately there are no external quality control checks or inspections of window replacements required to ensure renovation windows are installed correctly, so it is up to the homeowner to educate themselves as to the best methods and ensure those will be followed on their home. If a company cannot or will not show you a cross section of the details of their window installation (or call it a "LEAK-PROOF Installation), they may be cutting corners to reduce their costs at your expense, or not following consistent standards to ensure quality control. Caulking alone is NOT a solution to protect your home as it can break down over time with extreme weather fluctuations. And spray foam is NOT meant to be a water barrier. Be sure to ask how many steps are in the LEAK-PROOF Install process to ensure your return on your investment does not rot way.

Q: What are the different installation methods for windows?

A: Full Frame Replacment Windows with a Lapped Nail Fin, Windows with Attached Renovation Brickmould (aka exterior trim), and Insert Windows are the 3 most common methods of Installtion. Full Frame Replacements are the proper way to ensure the windows are full sealed and tied into your home's "Building Envelope" (essentially your home's skin that protects it from water and air infiltration). If done properly, these ensure that you are not just relying on caulking and spray foam to protect your home. This method also allows the Installation Technician to ensure there is no rot within the framing and fix any that is there. Attached Brickmould Windows also get down to the building framing but only rely on caulking and spray foam to protect your home. Insert Windows result in the lowest cost method of installation, but simply inserts a new window into an existing old window frame. This does nothing to ensure the old frame is properly sealed to your home and simply relies on caulking and spray foam to seal the new window to the old frame. Not to mention insert windows also result in a much smaller window area as it is a window within a window.

Q: Do you fill the nail holes in the trim, caulk the trim to the window jamb and to the wall, and glue the trim corners together to they cannot separate?

A: If the trim corners are not glued together they may separate over time with the changes in humidity and temperature, resulting in cracks in the paint. If the trim is not caulked to the window jamb and the wall, unsightly gaps can develop over time. MAXgreen always takes care of these extra services to ensure your window trims tie in seamlessly to your new windows and your existing wall.

Q: Is the price you quoted guaranteed to be the price I pay?

A: This should always be the case unless there are unlikely extreme circumstances like extensive wall rot, or improperly framed previous windows or doors. MAXgreen is very proud that 99% of our jobs result in the homeowner paying the exact contract price. In the rare case that additional costs are required, your Installation Technician will discuss the scope of work and the cost and have you sign a Job Site Change Order Form to complete the additional work.

Q: How much do you charge extra if there is rot under the existing window?

A: A lot of companies will use this opportunity to add profit to their bottom line by charging $100+ for this necessary service. MAXgreen always replaces the sill plate stud immediately below the window if it is rotted - for FREE. If there is rot beyond the sill plate we can quote the repairs as all of our Lead Installation Technicians are skilled and trained in carpentry. Or we can leave it for you or another contractor to complete later as the sill plate (the part the new window will fasten to) will always be replaced if it is rotted.

Q: What is your holdback policy for jobs with outstanding service issues upon substantial completion?

A: A fair policy should allow up to a 10% holdback pending completion of any outstanding work provided the rest of the job is substantially complete. The holdback should be commensurate with the amount of work remaining (ie $50 for a missing or ripped screen).

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