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Q: Will new windows eliminate water and frost build up on the glass?

A: Water and frost build up on glass (or water pipes or any other cold surface) is directly related to the humidity in the air. If the air is holding a lot of moisture relative to its temperature, it is said to have high Relative Humidity (RH%). If the RH% gets too high for the temperature outside, the moisture vapours condense into a liquid when they come in contact with a cold surface like glass. If it is really cold, that liquid can turn into solid ice build up. Reducing humidity and circulating the air are the best ways to reduce window condensation. While new windows are much more efficient than their predecessors, the installation method - when done correctly - is air tight, meaning the excess humidity in your home cannot escape to the exterior like it does on many old poorly sealed windows. Sometimes new windows can show more condensation as a result, making it more important to ensure good air flow and that the RH% is controlled. Vinyl windows are a very common choice as condensation will not damage the frames or jambs (the part that fills the wall depth) like it would on a wood window.

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Q: Do I NEED triple pane glass?

A: Triple pane (aka triple glazing) provides the maximum protection against heat loss (as it has the highest R-Value) and offers better sound reduction than double glazing, however some types of coatings can reduce your visible light transmission and effect your view of the outdoors, particularly when looking at fresh white snow. Triple glazing is more recommended when Comfort or Sound Reduction are the main priorities and you plan to stay in your home for a while. It may not be the best option for every situation, as a rental property where the heat is paid by the tenants is an example of when double pane is the better choice, unless it is a high end rental with a lot of windows and comfort is a priority for the tenants.

Q: Should I put triple in some and double on others?

A: This depends on budget availability. While it is often best for comfort and efficiency considerations to do triple glazing for all windows, it is not always the option that fits within the home improvement budget. If you are looking to get some triple glazing benefits without all of the costs, we recommend you consider upgrading bedroom windows first as comfort is more of a priority in bedrooms, especially Nurserys. Doing triple on some windows and double on others in an open plan main floor won't really provide much efficiency benefit as the heat will always escape from the weakest point in the open area. However that strategy makes sense if the back of your house backs onto Deerfoot for example as the triple glazing will help reduce the road noise.

Q: What is the product warranty?

A: A good quality window should have a manufacturer's warranty of AT LEAST 20 YEARS on the glass, vinyl, and hardware. MAXgreen partners with several high quality manufacturers that stand behind their products and offer warranties that meet or exceed these standards. Our most popular offering features a LIFETIME WARRANTY on Sealed Glass Unit Failure, a LIFETIME WARRANTY on the Vinyl Frames, and a LIFETIME WARRANTY on the Operating Hardware.


Q: What is your installation warranty? Is it transferrable to a new homeowner (to help my resale value)?

A: Some companies focus only on the product warranty or have a vague "installation workmanship warranty" with many limitations and a subjective view of "quality workmanship", often for a period of 2, 3, or 5 years. A valuable installation warranty that shows you will be protected for the long term would be for a MINIMUM OF 10 YEARS TRANSFERRABLE. MAXgreen is so confident in our 7-Stage LEAK-PROOF Installation System that we offer a 10 YEAR LEAK-PROOF INSTALLATION GUARANTEE, which is fully transferable to any subsequent owner as the warranty stays with the windows and doors.

Q: What us your lead time from signing to installation?

A: Lead times can fluctuate throughout the year based on many factors such as demand (fall sees the highest demand), weather (installations take longer when it is cold and the days are shorter), product type, and even the type of installation (bay and bow windows for example require a very experienced and skilled Technician to turn out perfectly). Window and door installation requires very skilled labour to ensure the long term performance of the windows and long term protection of your home. Unfortunately there are no formal trade schools to develop "Journeyman Window Installation Technicians" like there are with other trades like Electricians and Plumbers. This means it takes many years of training closely with an experienced Installation Technician with continuous testing to develop the next wave of skilled Window and Door Installation Technicians. The shortage of skill in this trade means that in times of high demand lead times can increase more than they would in other more popular trades. Some companies try to offset this by hiring "Company B Renos" or another contractor that can meet just the minimum requirements to pick up the slack during the busier times. The MAXgreen Family promises to NEVER sacrifice quality or service levels to get through any projects faster. All homeowners deserve better. And since most homeowners live with inefficient windows for years before deciding to replace them, an extra couple of weeks is certainly worth the wait to get the work done right and not have to do it again in 10-20 years. If other companies can offer a quick turnaround time during busy seasons, what does that tell you about their level of repeat and referral business?

Q: How long does it take to do the installation?

A: Some companies may tell you a large house of 25+ windows can be done in a couple of days. Either your home will be overrun with labourers trying to get many windows done at a time, or they are using an installation method that cuts out a lot of important steps to ensure they are properly installed to ensure a long term solution. MAXgreen Installation Technicians are extensively trained on our industry leading 7-Stage LEAK-PROOF Installation System, which takes longer to install, but also lasts much longer and is the proper way to protect the return on your very large investment from costly and inconvenient damage caused by leaks down the road. We also have a large but easy to follow Installation Standards Guide for our Installation Technicians that covers even the smallest details to ensure that EVERY project is completed to the same high MAXgreen standards. On average we cab fully complete (includimg cladding and interior trim with all caulking) around 4-5 windows and/or doors in one full day. Some projects take longer and some projects go quicker depending on installation v ariables (such as cutting siding or stucco)

Q: Do you use in-house or sub-contracted installers?

A: Many companies in this industry bid out subcontractor contracts to multiple companies each year or consistently look for ways to lower their labour costs. For the most part, our Installation Technicians have been working with us full time for many years. We have regular meetings to discuss the latest installation techniques and continuously look for better ways to ensure the highesr quality work for our customers. However the nature of the industry is that we are effected by seasonal trends and require more labour in the summer and fall than in the winter. As a result some crews also work for other companies as well as MAXgreen. We do try to limit this as much as possible and only allow those who go through our intensive screening process work on our projects. We have experimented with many different strategies for attracting, training, retaining, and rewarding the top talent in the industry and are very proud of the amazing team that we have assembled and promise our valued customers that we will not do anything to jeopardize our high quality and service standards that our customers have come to expect.

Q: Do I need a permit to replace my windows and doors?

A: If the windows and doors are replacements with products the same size, then no, you don't need a Building Permit. However if you are enlarging windows wider or adding windows you require a new structural header to support the load from above. Building Permits are required for this type of work to ensure that all building and safety codes are followed and that nobody will get hurt and that your house will remain standing in the future. Significant changes to the look of the front of a home may even require a Development Permit, which are time and cost intensive options.

Q: Do I need to get my own permit for enlargement work?

A: No, a professional contractor in any field should be able to obtain a Building Permit for a project they are working on for you and your family. While getting your own permit can save some costs, not being familiar with drafting (to scale drawings are required) or the permit process can definitely be overwhelming and take up a lot of your valuable time. This is why MAXgreen partners with permit experts that can efficiently get your permit approved without much work on your end!

Q: Will my blinds fit into my new windows?

A: There are many different older window frame styles that have different frame thicknesses. The frame thickness cannot be determined without removing the interior casing (aka interior trim or moulding), so we cannot know for sure if they will fit until an Installation Technician does a final accurate measurement of the windows. Sometimes we get lucky and you can make them work, but due to the many variances with old window styles, we cannot guarantee your existing blinds will fit into the new windows. However, we do work with an amazing partner company who offers the entire Hunter Douglas Select collection and we can work with them to coordinate the blinds order so they are installed immediately after the new windows are installed.

Q: What will I need to do to prepare for my window or door installation?

A: We do not move furniture or remove blinds or other obstructions for liability reasons, so please move those at least 3-4 feet from where the work will be taking place - outside as well. Please also ensure you have a new dead bolt and a new lock set ready for your new door unless you have selected one of our stock hardware options or confirmed with your Installation Technician that your ok'd hardware will work on the new door.

Q: Company B just dropped their initial quote price by 25%. Can you do the same?

A: Unfortunately our industry has a bad reputation for dishonest contractors who try to take advantage of unsuspecting homeowners - just watch HGTV or visit and find many unfortunate stories. Marking up prices just to offer "special discounts - today only" or using other high pressure sales tactics or "salesmanship" in order to "close" you is rampant in many industries beyond renovations. Why should somebody who does not ask for a discount have to pay more than somebody who does? We believe in fair and honest pricing for all. If we were to quote you and then discount you significantly, wouldn't that imply we were trying to take advantage of you in the first place? There is a cost associated with quality. Quality skilled labour is more expensive than general labour, but results in a long term successful LEAK-PROOF Installation. Quality products are built for long term performance and are backed by the best warranties. While paying for quality can be more expensive up front, not having to fix or replace your windows later will save you more money in the long run. "Buy quality the first time and only cry once"

Q: Why is Company B quoting half of what you are quoting?

A: If there is a price discrepancy of more than 10-15%, then it is unlikely it is an apples to apples comparison. One quote may be missing an item, some options, using a different glass type, be quoting "Insert Windows" instead of "Full Frame Replacements", using an inferior quality window, or using lower cost unskilled labour. We would be happy to go over all of your quotes to decipher the sometimes complicated industry jargon and ensure we are comparing apples to apples and that you are getting the best long term solution to your needs and the best value for your hard earned money. We strongly believe homeowners should be as educated as possible to make the the decision that is best for them. We know we will not be the right fit for all homeowners based on varied needs and budgets, but that does not mean you cannot use our extensive experience to ensure you truly are finding the best solution for your home!

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