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What Roofing is Hail Proof?

August 31, 2018

  • The ONLY Roofing with this distinction is EuroShield Recycled Rubber Roofing! It was invented and is still made right here in Calgary and has never had a hail damage claim in over 20 years! Their product even comes with a warranty against damage from up to 2" diameter hail stones! Think about that for a minute...2"!! That is almost twice the diameter of a Loonie!! Loonie and Toonie sized hail is pretty common in Alberta and can do severe damage to roofing and siding so imagine being hit with hail twice that diameter!

  • Not only is your roof protected from damaging hail, but the rubber actually helps to deaden the sound - the complete opposite of what hail resistant metal roofing does!



How Much Does a New Roof Cost in Calgary?

June 30, 2018

  • That's like asking "how much does a home cost?" The cost for a home suitable for one family is not necessarily the same as one suitable for another family. Every home varies based on overall square footage, floor plan layout, and design; therefore every roof has just as many if not more variables. 

  • A small home's roof could cost as little as $4,000 to $5,000 with a basic asphalt roofing, but a large custom home could easily exceed $40,000 to $50,000 for a Lifetime Rubber Roof.

  • The more chopped up the roof is with more peaks the valleys, the higher the cost. This is why we cannot accurately quote a standard per square foot cost for new roofing as all the additional materials (ice and water protection, flashings and drip caps, starter strips, and ridge caps) can add up to 50% on top of the cost of the shingles themselves

  • Replacement roofing projects often average between $7,000 and $10,000 for basic asphalt shingles.

  • Hail resistant shingles could add $1,500 to $2,500 to the basic asphalt price above

  • A higher end Lifetime Rubber Roof is typically double the cost of the basic asphalt but can vary greatly depending on the layout of the roof


What is the Best Calgary Roofing Material Choice?

May 31, 2018

  • Calgary Roofing options have come a long way in the last 10 years. We get a lot of hail and wind so the manufacturers have adapted and improved their shingles to help keep the life in your shingles as long as possible.

  • Standard builder grade shingles (ie. GAF Timberline, IKO Cambridge, CRC Biltmore) are very common for new construction projects where the builder does not have to live with the long term consequences of saving the money up front. But of course most homeowners don't think about what type of shingles are protecting their most important investment. They simply assume they are good quality. Just like when you buy a brand new car - you expect the tires are good quality as well.

  • For not a large extra investment you can get shingles which are a step up from Builder Grade - with reinforced nailing strips to ensure the best possible warranty against wind blow offs (ie. IKO Dynasty, CRC Regency, Owens Corning Duration).

  • Because hail is so common in Alberta, there are shingles with a special rubber additive ("SBS") in the shingles that help to absorb the impact of hail stones (the test uses a 2" steel ball dropped from 20') without cracking the shingle and causing possible leaks. These shingles receive a "Class 4 Impact Rating" and may even reduce your insurance premiums! But most importantly they prevent the likelihood of having to pay a $2,500 deductible AND the depreciation by the insurance company applies on your roof if you do have to make an insurance claim! On many roofs the up front upgrade cost is actually less than the cost of your deductible!




Hot or Cold: The Best Season When to Paint Your House

Guest Blog Author: Lisa Jones

April 20, 2018


Fresh paint can absolutely transform the appearance of your home. But painting a house can be an expensive and arduous task. Forceful winds, humidity, and extreme temperatures can seriously influence the durability of the task. That’s why choosing the right time of the year is just as crucial as selecting the best house paint.

There are a lot of factors that you need to consider before you start painting your home. Painting the interior and exterior of your house isn’t the kind of task that you can do at any time of the year. Make sure to choose the best time when you should start painting your house.

Here’s a guide to help you determine when is the right time to paint the interior and exterior of your home.


Painting the Exterior

You might be still recovering from the freezing days in Canada, but preparing ahead of time and deciding on having a spring paint makeover will provide you a long-lasting house paint and save you time for the upcoming summer fun.

If you’re thinking about painting your house’s exterior, spring is the perfect season to do it. Here are few reasons why you need to start your project this spring.

Spring gives the perfect weather condition

When the climate is mild and dry, exterior paints are the most durable and can provide a protective finish. If it’s too windy, the paint surface can become embedded with dust and other contaminants. Avoid painting your home’s exterior in boiling temperatures because the paint will only dry very quickly and crack.

You might not want to do it if the temperature is 40-50 degrees or below because most house paint will not last under those temperatures. It’s not a great idea to paint at high temperatures as well, because if the temperature is above 85 degrees, the paint might just dry quickly and will only lead to having visible brush marks and paint clumps.

Painting it in spring weather will give you a cleaner and long-lasting paint job. By being patient with the seasons, not only do you give

Your home’s exterior got stressed out after a long winter

Winter conditions like rain, snow, frost, ice and high humidity can only damage the paint. Moisture has a negative impact on the paint and causes it to soften and swell, which can lead to blistering, cracking, and peeling. It is best if you inspect your home at the beginning of spring to spot some rotting wood or other paint issues.


Painting the Interior

When painting the interior walls, there are different factors to be considered, in comparison to painting exterior walls.  It can be a difficult task due to the necessity of bringing out the furniture from the room and waiting for the paint to dry.

It’s easier to paint the interior walls of the house because the temperature is different and more controlled. Even if it’s a bit easier to decide when to paint, it is recommended that you paint during fall or early winter.

Consider these reasons why interior painting should be done in the colder seasons.

Humidity is lower during the cold season

High humidity causes the paint to dry slower than usual, and this can lead to slower accomplishment of your paint job. You can’t put back your furniture inside the room so your house will be in disarray until the paint dries and you can fix the furniture inside. You also waste time waiting for the paint to dry and you miss out on some important household activities.

Cold air speeds up the drying of the paint. Add a running furnace to help the cold weather dry the paint. You might have to leave a few doors or windows open to let the cold weather to actually affect the drying process.

Winter means fewer customers

Business tends to be slower during the winter, so there is less competition for you when hiring people to do your paint job. It could also lead to discounts because of the low number of customers.

It might also be more convenient because there are holiday breaks. You don’t have to take days off from work in order to supervise the painting process.



Durable and high-quality home stucco paint is achieved by considering some important factors. It’s not only the paint that matters, but the time of painting is also an essential part of achieving a beautiful paint job.


Author Bio

Lisa Jones is a housewife and a freelance writer. She constantly looks for new and practical ideas for home improvement and she shares these ideas through her articles and blogs. When not writing, Lisa often stays at home and cooks for her family.


How much is the Alberta government rebate for energy efficient triple glazed windows?

May 15, 2017

We have been receiving many questions about this new program and we have some good news and some not as good news:
  • The good news is that you do not have to do anything on your end, except for make the investment in Energy Star Rated Zone 2 (Canada is split into 3 zones and Calgary falls in 2) Triple Pane windows, in any frame materials.
  • The not as good news is that if you do not have the budget or need to upgrade to the top of the line triple pane high efficiency windows, this rebate is not going to pay for a free upgrade for you. It will simply subsidize the costs of triple pane windows but still require an additional investment as a homeowner to invest to a level above double pane windows.

The most important points are:

  • This rebate applies to single family or semi-detached or row style townhomes only. Not multi family condominium projects.
  • This applies to Alberta Replacement Windows only and NOT patio doors or other entry doors
  • The worse the old windows are the better the rebate will be. Basically what that means is if you have old aluminum windows with single pane glass (usually 4 separate sliding sections), you will get a better rebate to replace those vs replacing double glazed (aka double pane) wood windows
Please do not hesitate to contact any of our knowledgable Project Consultants to discuss your project further today.

MAXgreen Windows, Siding and Roofing
403-805-GREEN (4733) 



How long is the warranty for home windows in Calgary?

May 1, 2017


This is one of the most important questions to ask as windows are a significant investment in your home's long term maintenance and efficiency.

Unfortunately many companies spend more time talking about the product warranties rather than the installation warranty. Even the best windows in the World can create a lot of problems later if they are not installed properly, including operational issues, failure issues, and most worrying, leaking issues.

If a window or siding project leaks, often times it takes quite some time before the damage shows within the drywall as the vapour barrier protects the drywall from showing the moisture. That is why a 5 year window or siding installation warranty is NOT sufficient protection for your home.

We have seen many homes and buildings with water issues from improperly installed windows which were replaced only 5-15 years prior, but incorrectly. After a 5 year warranty expires there is no recourse for the owner.

We feel you should expect at minimum a 12 year written installation warranty. After all, why settle for a home warranty that is less than a car warranty?



What is the best window frame material for Canada's climate?

April 1, 2017


"Best" is a relative term. The best material for the needs of one customer may not be the right fit for another.

If you are looking for the most cost effective up front option then a Vinyl Frame (aka PVC aka uPVC) does the trick in most cases. However vinyl does have more flex (expansion and contraction) and more limitations than other frame materials like wood or fiberglass.

If you are looking for an affordable option but with a darker colour on the exterior, then a Metal Clad Exterior and Vinyl Interior Window may be a great option for you.

Painted Vinyl Windows are another option where you can get a darker exterior colour. However they may not provide as durable of an exterior as a metal clad exterior frame.

If you prefer the traditional and warm look of Wood Windows but don't want to have to regularly paint the exterior of your window frames, then Metal Clad Wood Windows may be a great fit for you. All wood windows require significant maintenance in the Calgary climate to handle the harsh winters and multiple freeze/thaw cycles we experience here.

A more modern and still relatively new alternative frame material is Fiberglass. Fiberglass is a commonly used material in other manufacturing, including door slabs, but it is still somewhat of a niche in the window frame market.

Fiberglass Window Frames are made from an abundant resource - Silica Sand - the same raw material used to make glass. Therefore the expansion and contraction rates are similar to glass and helps to prevent issues with flexing of the frame.

Fiberglass is also a very strong material so it can be used in larger configurations with less potential issues than vinyl windows, but still provide a maintenance free frame options.

If you prefer there warmer wood look inside, there is a wood vaneer option to get you that look without sacrificing performance or longevity of the window frames and limiting the maintenance.


What is better? Sliders or Casement (crank out) windows?

March 1, 2017

Just like selecting the frame material for your new windows, the most ideal operating style of your windows depends on your unique situation.
  • Sliding Windows are the most economical and easy to use operation style for new windows, however they do not seal as tight as casement (crank out) or picture windows. Sliders allow water to drain out through the frame to the exterior, but that also means water and air can potentially get into your home. Sliders also have less moving parts and are simple to use and maintain so they are often a great choice for rental properties.
  • Casement Windows (cranks out with hinge on the side) and Awning Windows (cranks out with the hinge on the top) feature compression weatherstripping to seal out the elements and ensure maximum efficiency. Any wind or driving rain actually helps add to the tightness of the seal, resulting in a leak proof window.

What is the energy efficiency of new windows?

February 1, 2017

There are three main components which make up the efficiency of a window:
  1. the glass type
  2. the frame material, and
  3. the operation type.
Most window manufacturers advertise their windows using the glass efficiency ratings (R-Values) but base that number on the most efficient part of the window - the centre of the glass.
But the overall full frame efficiency rating of the window is often a fair bit lower than the centre of glass rating, so make sure you compare this number as well. Our Project Consultants can help you understand both Centre of Glass and Full Frame Efficiency Ratings better.
Triple Glazed (aka Triple Pane) glass with Argon Gas and 2 Low-E Coatings achieves very high efficiency ratings (R-8 centre of glass) especially compared to older Double Glazed (aka Double Pane) glass with an air fill (R-2 centre of glass).
However, be aware that there are also Triple Glazed options that only have 1 Low-E coating (R-5.5 centre of glass) or even no Low-E coatings (R-3.3 centre of glass).
The window frame material also plays a role in energy efficient windows. Older windows were often made out of aluminum frames as it is a durable material. However, aluminum conducts heat very well and therefore is not a good insulating material for the cold Canadian climate.
Newer materials like Vinyl, Wood and Insulated Fiberglass window frames have much better energy efficiency ratings than aluminum. 
The operating style of the window also plays a role in the overall efficiency of the windows.
Sliders don't seal as tight as casement and awning windows, and as such, don't rate as highly in overall window performance.
Contact us today to learn more about these details that can result in larger energy savings for your home.

What are the bylaws for Bedroom Windows? What does Egress mean?
January 3, 2017

What is Egress anyway? Egress simply means an ability to exit. The opposite would be Ingress, which is an ability to enter - such as water ingress around improperly installed windows.
Why have a bylaw for this at all?
Well the most important reason is to be able to escape from a bedroom in case of a fire.
The second most important reason you need a large window is to allow fire fighters to enter your home with all their equipment on in case they need to rescue somebody.
All bedrooms need a window with an easy and quick means of escape which "can be operated without tools or the use of special knowledge".
The minimum Egress requirement is an "unobstructed opening" size of 0.35 square metres, which is 3.77 square feet, with no one dimension being less than 15" unobstructed after the frame size is accounted for.
The window must also be fully able to open and be unobstructed (for example no security bars or anything else which could prevent escape) at least 30" beyond the window on the exterior.
  • Basement Windows below the exterior finished grade (aka ground level) must have a window well that extends at least 30" out from the foundation (as of November 2015).
  • Awning Windows (cranks outward with hinges on the top and hardware on the bottom) do NOT meet Egress code because the hardware would be in the way of escape.
  • Casement Windows must be able to fully open outward and not be obstructed on the exterior.
  • Top Hung (aka Hopper Windows) swing into the home and latch up onto hooks on the top of the window frame. These allow the full window to open and to meet Egress in smaller opening spaces. However, they do not seal as tight as the above options in terms of air and water infiltration.
Do I need a Building Permit for window and door replacement?

December 1, 2016
We have good news and bad news here:
  • The good news is that no Building Permits are required for straight replacement of windows and doors as long as the home's framing structure is not being changed.
  • The bad news is that because no permits are required for window replacements, there are no formal post installation inspections to ensure all windows are installed to meet current Building Codes and keep water out of your home. This means that some windows installers can cut corners that can cost you a lot of money, headaches and stress in the future.

A permit is required if changing a flat window to a Bay Window or a Bow Window, even if the rough opening size is not changed. This is because the weight of the bay or bow window is cantilevered out from the home and creates special structural considerations to properly carry that load.

A Building Permit is required for enlarging any doors or Windows where a header needs to be added or altered. This includes brand new windows where there is no window now.

If the new proposed header will be over 8' wide then typically the City of Calgary will request an Engineer review the project and create stamped drawings showing the structural framing required to support all loads. This can be costly up front, but not nearly as costly as experiencing structural damage to your home later because the proper due diligence was not taken up front.

In order to obtain a permit the City will require the following information:

  1. Real Property Report (you should have this when you bought your home - or can request a copy from the City)
  2. To Scale and Professional drawings of the Floor Plan and the Elevations for the existing structure (with exisiting window sizes) and proposed renovation (new window and well sizes)
  3. Framing details (specifically for bay and bow windows)

A more costly and longer process is involved if dramatically changing the appearance of your home, especially the front elevation. This would require obtaining a Development Permit in addition to the Building Permit and can add months and thousands of dollars to your project, so carefully consider thsee factors before planning dramatic renovations. 

Other Building Code considerations that are looked for during the permit process include:

  1. Ensuring no more than 7% of any side elevation is glass area.
  2. Ensuring basement foundations are not cut out for a larger window than 48" without an Engineering review.
  3. Ensuring basement foundations are not cut out more than than 25% of the foundation length in total without an Engineering review.
  4. Window wells are projecting at least 30" from the foundation.
Our Team (including our the Independent Permit Expert we rely on) is fully trained in the requirements for Permits to ensure your Window or Door Enlargement Project is done safely, correctly, and legally.

MAXgreen's Founder, Adam Jones, Named a Top 40 Under 40 in Calgary by Avenue Magazine

September 16, 2016

MAXgreen is thrilled to announce that our founder, Adam Jones, has been named by Avenue Magazine as one of Calgary's Top 40 Under 40 for the Class of 2016!

"Why he's a 2016 Top 40:

Determined to raise the quality of workmanship in Calgary’s renovation industry, Jones started his own company so he could set his own standards. In six years, MAXgreen has grown into an award-winning team that has raised more than $100,000 for local charities.


Adam Jones doesn’t want repeat customers. The owner and president of MAXgreen Windows, Siding and Roofing is determined to deliver such good work, clients never need his services again.

When he started his career in the home renovation industry, Jones saw clients paying for poor-quality work; that’s when he decided to start his own company and set his own standards. “I got tired of hearing all the renovation horror stories. I just thought there was a better way,” he says. “It’s the right thing to do and I knew there was a market for it.” 

Jones says his company sticks to a “triple bottom line,” which gives equal value to profit, people and the planet. Each time Jones’s team completes a job, MAXgreen donates a specific sum to charity and plants a tree through The Carbon Farmer. In 2015, MAXgreen donated $5 to the Calgary Food Bank for every window and door replaced and $25 (and five trees planted) for every roofing or siding project, plus a matching donation to a charity of the client’s choosing. In June 2016, MAXgreen was the title sponsor for the Max Robinson Children’s Foundation Memorial Golf Tournament in Okotoks, which raised $22,000. 

The company has raised more than $100,000 for local charities in its first six years, a milestone that matters to Jones. “Knowing my team will do what it takes to help people in need, that makes me very proud,” he says.

Children’s charities are close to Jones’ heart, not only because he’s a father to a one-year-old and a three-year-old, but also because his family struggled economically when he was growing up. “Being able to give back and help those kids — that’s huge,” Jones says. 

His motivation for contributing to cancer research is personal, too. “I lost my stepmom to cancer and I saw what it did to my dad,” Jones says, adding that his wife is battling cancer for the second time.

Jones is laying the foundation for a company he can pass down to his children, but his sense of family responsibility extends even further. He’s always aware that his employees and their families — about 60 people — rely on the success of his company, and he wants to make them proud. “Every member of our team feels like they’re family,” Jones says. “That’s a big thing for us.” — Julia Williams "


MAXgreen Plants Another 3,000 Trees Through!

September 16, 2016

MAXgreen is thrilled to announce our continued partnership with The Carbon Farmer for our tree planting initiatives.

MAXgreen has just purchased another 3,000 trees to be planted in the Ann and Sandy Cross Conservation Area (, just outside of our beatiful City of Calgary, Alberta!!!

This brings our total number of trees planted through the MAXcommunity by MAXgreen Program to 5,000 in Alberta in only 3 years!

Planting these trees not only reforest our beautiful province, but also provide a valuable habitat for all sorts of animals to thrive in.

MAXgreen is committed to giving back to our planet by planting a tree for window and doo

r replace, as well as 5 trees for every roofing or siding project completed.

This is in addition to giving back $10 to local charities for every window and door and $50 for every roofing and siding project completed

Keep an eye out on the following sites for more information about our initiative and to learn about what you can do to give back to our planet!


Q. Have renovation prices dropped with the slower economy?

November 21, 2015

Q. Have renovation prices dropped with the slower economy?
A. We have seen some companies that don't have a client base of repeat and referral business try to "buy" business by lowering their prices.
Have you seen many price reductions on your personal bills like your mortgage, utilities, property taxes, fuel, groceries, cell phone bills, internet, child care, and other personal bills? Our Installation Technicians sure have not, so why would we ask them to work as hard for less income? If guys are on piece work and making less per piece, what is their incentive to work slow enough to maintain quality?
Some companies use slower economies to attract lower cost labour, but good skilled labour is not cheap, and cheap labour is not properly skilled.
Material prices are the other part that makes up a large chunk of project pricing.
The majority of the building industry's materials either come from the US, or have the raw materials imported from the US. Because of the US dollar's rise against the Canadian dollar, a lot of pressure has been placed on Canadian manufacturers and distributors, forcing them to raise their prices - in fact some have increased more than 15% within the last 9 months alone!
With material costs rising and labour costs needing to remain in line with the cost of living, what corners are being cut by the companies who are dramatically cutting their prices?
Remember, if you buy quality, at least you only cry once.



Prepare Your Windows And Doors For Winter Using These Simple Tips

September 30, 2015

Winter is just around the corner and soon it will be the same time of year when you will want your home to be extremely warm, cozy and comfortable. This year, instead of spending on expensive heating units and furnaces, you should invest on ways to make your home more energy efficient and save money on your utility bills, because even by getting new equipment you can’t ensure the warmth you want for your home.

By completimg a quick home checkup you can decrease these prices, prepare for winter and enjoy your energy savings. Well installed and maintained windows and doors can assist keep your home more warm not only in winters but all year round. Save on heating as well as cooling costs by preparing your doors and windows for winter using these tips.

  • Clean moving parts and sills of debris and dirt. Debris like dirt, sand or other contaminants can get caught in moving parts and windowsills of windows or doors. Clean these areas using a dry paintbrush. This will help you create a firmer seal and increase window and door performance.
  • Reapply sealant or caulk around windows and doors. Reseal areas around doors and windows that may have been exposed to extreme sunlight or heavy weather, damaging the sealant or caulking, to assist lessen potential leaks and drafts.
  • Check weather stripping: fix or replace worn or missing weather stripping around windows and doors. Loose weather stripping can allow cold air in, in winters and out in summers, decreasing energy efficiency.
  • Installing shades or snap-in blinds: Install shades or snap-in blinds to assist insulate your home from cold temperatures outside.
  • Replace or repair damaged exterior surfaces: Deteriorated or cracked wood mean water penetration. Water penetration may allow moisture as well as cold air to get in your home. Check for signs of water leakage and replace damaged wood.
  • Replace old doors and windows with energy efficient ones: If you have older windows or doors or have single pane, clear glass, you may be paying more to cool your home in summers and to heat your home in winters. Replace old windows with energy efficient, double or triple glazed glass version made with insulating argon, or install new durable fiberglass doors to assist save energy and money year-round.

Contact MAXgreen for more window and door replacement services in Calgary. We are the most reputed online window suppliers in Calgary.


When To Replace Old Windows

September 17, 2015

Windows are an important part of every home. The style of windows says a lot about the personality of a home, they allow light to get into the house, as well as keeps the elements out. But even with the best care, eventually, they can begin to wear down and not do their job as effectively as they once did. So, what is the right time to replace your home’s windows? The experts at MAXgreen, one of the reputed window companies in Calgary, want to give you some tips to assist you know exactly when to replace the old windows of your home.

Common signs that it is time to replace your old windows with new energy efficient windows include:

  • Your cooling, heating or electric bills are increasing
  • The window trim around your windows is beginning to rot or crack.
  • The performance is not up to the mark- they get stuck and won’t open, or will open but fail to remain that way.
  • You see mold or mildew along the edges of your windows.
  • The collect condensation or frost
  • In the summer months the interior panel of your windows is warm to the touch or in the winter it is cold to the touch.
  • The glass of the windows is broken or even cracked

At MAXgreen, we understand that deciding to replace the windows in your home is an important decision, but there are some great reasons that support why window replacement is worth it. Here we are listing a few of the advantages of replacing windows in your Calgary home, instead of getting your old drafty windows repaired.

  • These windows are environmentally friendly
  • The glass technology in energy efficient windows enhances the safety of the windows
  • The interior glass surface of energy efficient windows is warmer which assists to decrease condensation and frost issues.
  • The decrease the amount of UV light that gets inside your home and fades your belongings like wall art, furniture and rugs.
  • Energy efficient windows reduce HVAC costs by lowering the highest levels of heating and cooling that your system has to maintain. This is turn reduces your annual cooling and heating bills.

To know more about replacement windows in Calgary and how easy and pocket friendly it can be to replace your older windows, contact our helpful and friendly service team.

MAXgreen Windows, Doors, and Exteriors Becomes Baeumler Approved
March 5, 2015
MAXgreen is very excited to join the Baeumler Approved network of trusted professional home improvement contractors.

Those who wach HGTV Regularly are very familiar with Brian Baeumler and his high quality and straight forward approach to home renovations and home construction.  Brian's team often goes in to fix up horry story projects for homeowners, help fix bad DIY projects, and helps homeowners get the most out of their renovation investment.

Brian's team believes in Business Ethics, Quality Workmanship and Materials, and a High Level of Customer Service.  Their Approved Contractors are also very well screened to ensure they are also upholding those same values on all projects.

To find out more about the program and find a Baeumler Approved Contractor for your next project, please visit and search by Contractor Type to ensure you do not end up as one of the "victims" on the next HGTV episode featuring the latest Renovation Horror Story.

Triple Bottom Line Businesses Succeeding Despite Economic Slowdowns                                          

February 23, 2015

With the price of oil down, everybody in Calgary seems to be worrying about the future of our local economy. After all, the oil and gas market is what generates billions for this province's public services, directly provides thousands of jobs, and trickles down those earnings to other local industries, especially construction.

  • Will housing prices drop?
  • Will skilled labour costs go down?
  • Will I be laid off due to the slower economy?
  • Is this the right time to be doing a renovation?

These are all common questions and you can talk to half a dozen "experts" and get 6 different theories on each question.

Unfortunately, many business still look at only one bottom line - their profit.

So, when times are tough, it is often: "Sorry Bob but we cannot afford to keep you employed,” or "Let's cut back on the team building programs and RRSP matching,” or "We can no longer sponsor that minor hockey team because we just are not getting return on our investment.” Sound familiar?

Luckily, with the rise of social media, celebrities (Brett Wilson and Arlene Dickinson from Dragon's Den to name a few), and companies who truly do care about the average "Joe" and the planet we all live on, there has been a brighter light shining on "Triple Bottom Line Businesses,” which are businesses that value the Planet and People as much as Profit.

From planting trees for every product sold (, to Offering or Purchasing Carbon Offset Credits (, to Installing Solar Panels on the Roof of Buildings (, to Promoting Stigma-Free Discussions about Mental Illness (, many businesses are giving back to their employees, their customers, their communities, and the planet we all share, all while still providing a fair return for their shareholders.

Our business, MAXgreen Windows, Doors and Exteriors ( is a bit different than some of the others listed above, as we are a Small Business (under 20 employees as of this article) in the Construction Industry - which unfortunately is an industry with a bad reputation for shoddy workmanship, rip-offs, and projects that cost thousands more and take twice as long as on the "estimate,” thanks to various "Renovation Nightmare" TV shows.

MAXgreen started with a humble mission: “To provide exceptional service and quality to the Calgary Window and Door replacement market after hearing way too many horror stories about this business.”

But every company provides "great service" and "the best quality", right? That's what their website says, right?
Anybody who has owned a home for more than 5 years and has had work done will probably tell you, that that is not even close to being true.  Saying something and doing something are 2 completely different things.

So what truly sets the great companies apart from the ones who want to make a quick buck and get on to the next job?

We don't think it is just our social conscious and giving back to the community. We think that should be standard across all industries and all businesses.

By donating $5 for every window and door replaced to our yearly MAXcommunity Charity of Choice and the same amount to our customers' charities of choice ($11,000 raised last year for alone and almost $100,000 total in 5 years for AARCS and dozens of other great charities), we are able to give back more with the more we grow.

We believe every business should commit to giving just a small % of revenue back to the community, which only grows when the business grows.

And, we believe that consumers should decide to purchase from companies showing a great social responsibility.

If both are always present, then the amount of GOOD becomes unlimited.

Beyond the social responsibility of giving back to the planet (through Carbon Offset Credit Purchases and Planting a Tree for every window and door replaced) and local charities, people are also a huge priority.

Our entire team is like a close knit family because we all believe in a greater good than just making a pay cheque.

  • MAXgreen believes EVERYONE deserves a COMFORTABLE and LEAK-PROOF home FOR GOOD.
  • MAXgreen believes you SHOULD NOT have to replace windows and doors every 10-20 years like many companies are banking on.
  • MAXgreen believes the price you are quoted is the price you should pay!
  • MAXgreen believes renovations should be STRESS-FREE and CLEAN.

MAXgreen believes we can leave the World a better place for our children and grandchildren and beyond.

The Triple Bottom Line has been a successful business model across many industries and MAXgreen's mission is to spread the word and get others encouraged to get involved with giving back and shop at socially responsible businesses.

Please join us in supporting businesses focused on the Triple Bottom Line.

Calgary Food Bank Chosen as the 2015 MAXcommunity by MAXgreen Charity of Choice
February 9, 2015
MAXgreen Windows and Doors is very happy to announce our latest MAXcommunity partner, The Calgary Food Bank!

Did you know???
  • Every $1 donated to the Calgary Food Bank actually results in $5 worth of food going to those in need?  This is because of their amazing industry partners that can provide food at or below cost to help those in need!
  • It only takes $65 for the Calgary Food Bank to feed a family of 4 for an entire week!
  • Children make of 43% of people who come to the Food Bank for help.
  • 1 in 8 Canadian households struggle to feed their families.
  • 1 in 5 Canadian parents say they have skipped meals so their children could eat.
  • 132,469 Calgarians accessed the Food Bank in 2014.
*Stats above are taken from the Calgary Food Bank "2014 Fast Facts" Sheet at

MAXgreen Windows and Doors has a food donation box and a cash donation box set up at our office at 123, 4999 - 43 Street SE, and any donations over $10 cash will receive a tax receipt.

Visit to learn about what you can do to help those less fortunate, from holding a food drive, holding a fundraiser, volunteering your time, or simply donating funds.

MAXgreen is a 4 Time "Best of" Award Winner
February 5, 2015
MAXgreen Windows and Doors is proud to be a 4 Time Winner of the "Best of" Award in Calgary!

HomeStars is the "TripAdvisor" for the Home Improvement industry and allows homeowners to read unfiltered, unedited, and unbiased reviews of home improvement service providers and allows the companies to respond to those reviews.

Thank you so much to the MAXgreen Family for the continued hard work to educate customers about how to LEAK-PROOF their homes and ensure customers are not inconvenience during what should be a STRESS-FREE process!

MAXgreen Presents $11,000.00 Cheque to Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society

January 30, 2015

The MAXcommunity by MAXgreen Program was very proud to present our largest single donation yet, of $11,000.00 to the Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society!

The timing could not have been better as AARCS recently, in cooperation with the Alberta SPCA and many other animal rescues, helped to find foster homes, and eventually fur-ever homes, for many of the 200+ neglected and injured dogs seized from a farm in Milk River.

MAXgreen donates $10 for every window and door replaced each year to local charities, with half of that going to our Charity of Choice and the other half going to Charities chosen by each and every one of our amazing customers throughout the year!

Check out to learn more about what you can do to help animals in need, including fostering, donating time, donating pet food or supplies, or donating capital to help fund their amazing organization.  Great work AARCS!

And follow AARCS on Facebook at

and on Twitter at



BBB Announces 2013 Torch Award Winners


November 4th, 2013 - CALGARY, ALBERTA - Calgary's business community celebrated ethical enterprise October 30 as the BBB Serving Southern Alberta and East Kootenay hosted the 16th annual Torch Awards for Business Ethics. Today, the BBB is pleased to announce the winners: 


Marketplace Award: VistaVu Solutions

Green Award: MAXgreen Windows & Doors

Consumer Trust Award: Chinook Landscaping & Design


President and C.E.O. of the BBB, Sandra Crozier-McKee, says winning a Torch Award shows a company’s commitment to integrity.


“I extend my personal congratulations to the winners as well as a heartfelt thank you for giving ethics an honoured place in your business practises,” she says. “It’s thanks to companies like you that we are able to continue to build trust in the marketplace.”


Every day the BBB works towards fulfilling its vision of an ethical marketplace where buyers and sellers trust each other. For more information visit





About BBB:

BBB is an unbiased, non-profit organization that sets and upholds high standards for fair and honest business behaviour. The first BBB was founded in 1912. Today, 113 BBBs serve communities across the Canada and the United States, evaluating and monitoring more than three million local and national businesses and charities.


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